Cast of Characters


Asha is a quick-witted girl with a level head and a heart for adventure. One Thursday morning her feet decided they wanted to walk somewhere new, and Asha sets off with little more than a carpet bag and Enok, her companion arctic fox. At first, Asha is compelled to walk if for no other reason than to set eyes on new sights and to venture beyond the familiar fields surrounding her house. But the road ahead will change our companion, and ASHA WENT WALKING is all about the journey, both in seeing the world and in growing up.


Asha is spirited and inventive. She approaches difficult circumstances as if they are puzzles to be solved. Her curiosity pulls her deeper into the unknown, and what she encounters both satisfies her taste for wonder and also reminds her how increasingly distant she is from the safety of her home.


Raised by Asha since an injured and abandoned kit, Enok is fiercely loyal to Asha. Enok comes when called but is enticed by the draw of the wild. He puts himself between Asha and any danger that they encounter, but as the unknown begins to feel more like home Enok wrestles with where he belongs.



The Carpet Bag

Asha’s carpet bag, simply put, is magic. Part Mary Poppins-esque accessory and part portable Room of Requirement, the bag can hold or carry items much larger or heavier than should be possible. But though Asha can withdraw any number of objects from the bag, it does not always provide what Asha wants. Instead, it offers what she needs, often requiring Asha to rely on her inventiveness in order to make the best use of the objects she pulls from the bag.